Web design: UX research, concept design, UX/UI design, interaction and motion design. Experience design. Frontend development.

At Plastic, we get a kick and instantly click with companies that advocate and work towards the continuity and improvement of society and the planet. 

Our social commitment and our willingness to support the industries that work to preserve the future of our planet and society is what made us jump on board and design and develop a website for Lobelia that highlighted the company’s value and uniqueness within the market.

Where many companies claim to care for people and the environment, Lobelia really walks the walk. This top team of scientists and technicians quantify climate risks to build a resilient society to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Science meets designs.

The challenge was to build a simple structured website that was easy to follow and understand that could transmit to a multi-target user – who might not be accustomed to scientific jargon – the products and services offered by Lobelia.

A complex and empowering project explained in an easy and alluring website.

In order to focus on the company’s authentic and differential work approach, we created a simple narrative that transmits Lobelia’s intangible values, exudes innovation, and speaks of the projects they carry out; helping them cut through all the noise and position themselves as a cutting-edge company who truly cares.

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